Vanilla & Orange Whey Protein Pancakes kaPOW!


When I was little, we would spend most summers by the sea and I used to wake up every day to a giant glass of freshly-squeezed orange juice. I’d open my eyes and see my mom or dad holding it and I’d immediately spring up, grab it from their hands, and down it in a matter of seconds, ending always with an absurdly loud “AAAAAAAAHHHHH.” I could never stomach – even now I can’t – pasteurized orange juice though. You know, stuff that’s commonly sold in supermarkets in a box? To me, those orange juices or, rather ‘beverages,’ taste nothing like actual OJ. And orange-flavored drinks – drinks that entirely do away with any pretence of actual oranges? No, no, no…. So what do I do when I get sent a giant bag of orange-flavored whey protein powder? Option 1) I forcefully kick it into the bowels of the trash. Option 2) I cook with it. I chose option 2 and the results were surprising. Let me tell you what happened:

I chose to cook with it because I love adding orange essence, orange rind, orange peel, and using whole oranges in food. I think oranges go extremely well with creamy, cinnamon-packed, and vanillay foods.

The orange flavor just adds a unique accent to sweet dishes that helps bring out a whole symphony of nommage.

It’s magical what a bit of orange flavoring does to food! So, I figured, let’s try orange-flavored whey alongside vanilla whey, what’s the worst that can happen, right?

1/4 cup orange flavored whey
1/4 cup vanilla flavored whey (or just more orange whey)
1 cup almond milk
3/4 cup oats
1/8 cup vanilla pea protein (or vanilla casein)
2 egg whites


1. Blend everything together using a food processor, standing blender, or handheld blender. Once the batter’s nice and smooth, heat up a big nonstick pan or a bunch of little ones like the ones I used. Grease the pan or pans with coconut oil, butter, PAM, or a calorie-free spray.

It’s important that you get the pan HOT and THEN pour the batter on it. Don’t start with a lukewarm pan because if you do, the chance of your pancakes sticking goes up.

2. As soon as you spoon the batter on the pan, lower the heat down to medium. The way you know when a pancake is ready to flip is by looking at whether bubbles have started to form on the pancake’s surface (see the second picture to the left here). As soon as they do… BAM! Flip.

Macros per Stack:

57g carbs (out of which 10g is fiber)
66g protein
10g fat

I got seven little pancakes out of the mix above and they were stupendous! Great texture and the flavor, the FLAVOR!!!!!!!!!!!! It was amazing! The orange was actually pretty subtle but most certainly there, complimenting the vanilla beautifully :-D

Now, if you don’t have orange flavored whey and don’t feel like getting some, you can still make these pancakes by adding some orange rind to the batter or, like I did in the cookbook, by using the boiled orange method ;-)

Note: To lower the carbs, sub the oats with a combo of ground almonds and coconut flour!

PS: I drenched the pancakes in a couple of tablespoons of actual honey and they were delish! I shared them with dad and we both loved them. If you don’t want to use honey though, you can add some fruit, nut butter, or just calorie-free pancake syrup like Walden Farm’s!

Verdict on the orange flavored whey: AWESOME!!! Who knew?

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