Powtella: A Chocolate & Hazelnut Protein Spread

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When our facebook page broke the 70K mark, I felt very festive. So I did what I always do when we break into a new territory: I rolled out a game of Choose the Next Recipe. The winner was ‘Protein Nutella’ (aka a Nutella-inspired chocolate protein spread) and, today, I made it. I made it and I swear I wanted to break into tears when I tried it. It’s absolutely ridiculous. And the macros… THE MACROS! But let me digress a little bit and give you a bit of background so you can appreciate another reason why I love this recipe as much as I do:

In the last year alone, a number of new protein-enhanced nut butters and spreads have entered the market. Their offer? Healthier versions of some of our favorite bread (and pancake) toppers: things like peanut butter, almond butter, and chocolate spread. These products’ claim to fame is that they take out the sugar (substituting it instead with a sweetener), reduce or eliminate what many consider to be undesirable sources of fat (things like palm oil, sunflower oil, rapeseed oil), and take away what the cheesy call ‘the nasties’ (e.g. high-fructose corn syrup, corn solids, inverted sugars, additives and nutritionally-void fillers). After doing this – after taking out all the ingredients that are doing nothing for us in the context of a healthy diet, they take it all up a further notch by adding whey protein powder. The result? A more nutritionally-balanced nut butter or spread that is lower in carbs, lower in fats, and higher in protein.

Awesome, right? Right! So where’s the problem? Is there a problem? No. There’s no ‘problem’ as such. I think they’re doing a great job introducing a superior product into the market. But you know what? You don’t really have to buy protein-enhanced but butters or spreads. I mean, if your concern is ending up with a nutritionally-superior product that hits every single note of your tastebuds’ score of nommage (think of it like Sing Star or Smule! where a foods’ flavor tones have to hit a certain unique pattern as they unfold), make your own. It’s so easy to make your own high-protein spreads and nut butters. It’s also a lot cheaper, in the long-run! And, as you’ll see when you read the last paragraph in this post, making your own high-protein spreads and nut butters allow you to tweak the flavor, the macros, and the textures to perfection.

Here’s a recipe to get you started – a recipe that might just revolutionize your approach to chocolate spread… forevah!

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The result is seriously OUT of this WORLD. And you know where the beauty of the whole thing is? Well, apart from its flavor, texture, and macros? In the fact that you can play around with the flavoring (and macros!) too. So, for example, you can add a tbsp of ground espresso to make an absolutely delicious coffee and chocolate spread. You can also add a tablespoon of chopped dried apples and some cinnamon to make an apple-pie-like hazelnut spread (ditching, of course, the cocoa powder in the above recipe). You can do ANYTHING when you start playing around with your own protein spreads! So grab your apron, walk into your kitchen, and make your very own protein POW! spread.


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