A Fig, Goats Cheese, & Proscuitto Sweet Potato Pizza

I wrote this recipe a while back, to feature as a guest post at jensinkler.com; it’s for for a paleo-ish sweet potato pizza. I figured I had to re-link it because, while it contains no protein powder, it is FULL of so much goodness and you really have to try it. It’s kind of like gourmet-style pizza! Only that it’s not at all complicated (or time-consuming) to make. It’s REALLY easy. Here’s the link. Don’t forget to bookmark Jen’s website while you’re at it too because a) she’s a real-life superhero – just check out Jen’s incredibly awesome Lift Weights Faster programs, and b) her site is brimming with great information. Here’s Jen’s facebook page too in case you haven’t already joined it and want to engage with her awesome content on the daily! Can’t recommend her work enough.

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