Hot Cross Protein Coconut Scones

Protein Hot Cross Scones

These Protein Hot Cross scones are a lot hartier than buns – they have more body, more density and they pack heftier punch of POW! They are also coconutty and almost biscuity in texture. Kind of like… coconut scones. You can tell by the (ton of) photos posted here:

Hot Cross Protein Coconut Scones

I know what happened too. I mean, I know why it didn’t work: it didn’t work because Hot Cross Buns are strongly reliant on three things: 1. yeast, 2. sugar, 3. flour. We can sub the sugar with our stevia and our flour with our protein et al. But the yeast? Or, rather the rising action of the yeast on the flour? No dice.

Anyways, I don’t want to be excusatory because if there’s one thing you know from my cooking is that I give everything a go. I don’t set myself limits, I don’t start with “this probably won’t work…,” and I’m not scared of failing because I know that every recipe comes with a lesson and often, like this one did, with a brand new amazing recipe!

Because as Protein Hot Cross Scones? These will blow you away.


1/2 cup liquid egg whites
1/4 cup unflavored whey
1/2 cup rolled oats
3 tablespoons pea protein powder
1/4 cup Fage Greek yogurt (2%)
3 tablespoons vanilla stevia
2 tablespoons coconut flour
1/2 teaspoon baking soda
1/2 tablespoon cinnamon
2 tablespoons orange rind

Then, for the ‘cross’:

1 tablespoon coconut flakes
1 tablespoon Greek yogurt
1/2 tablespoon vanilla stevia


1. Blend all the ingredients together and spoon the ensuing batter on a cookie tray to form six large bun-shapes.

2. Then, blend together the ‘cross’ ingredients and shape a cross on each bun. I totally forgot that I wanted to add some chopped prunes (I hate raisins/sultanas) until the last minute so I chopped them up and stuffed them but if you want to add dates (or raisins) properly, just mix them into the batter before you put it on the cookie tray.
3. Set your oven to 180 C (356 F) and bake everything for about 15-20 minutes. DO NOT over-bake because they’ll turn dry and bring on sadface when you eat them. So remove them as soon as your knife comes out clean when you stab them.

That’s it.

Macros per Serving (out of 6):

8g carbs
15g protein
2g fat
2g fiber

PS: That on top isn’t powdered sugar. On no. It’s MCT snow!

Hot Cross Protein Coconut Scones

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