Chocolate Fudge Low-Carb Protein Bars

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3/8 cup vanilla whey protein powder
3/8 cup coconut flour
1/4 cup cocoa powder
2-3 tbsp almond butter
Almond milk to bind
1/3 bar of low-carb dark chocolate


In a bowl, mix the protein pow, coconut flour, cocoa and almond butter, adding a bit of almond milk to bind the mix until you get to a cookie-doughish consistency that you can shape into two big rectangles with your hands. Then, melt the dark chocolate and proceed to dunk the bars in it! I finished the whole thing by adding some coconut flakes but this steps is optional. It did add a really nice texture to the bars.

Macros will be coming your way when I remake the recipe and weigh all the ingredients. Try the bars before I do though! By just experimenting with the above proportions and having fun with your ingredients. Enjoy!

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