Banana Nut Protein Bread

b17I like linking you guys to this recipe on my column on here because, while it’s old, it’s one of my all time favorite!

B is particularly is important to me because, whenever I create a recipe, I take a somewhat ‘extreme’ amount of photos (hail in extreme ironing – a ‘sport’ totally irrelevant to this banana bread but worth checking out because, who knows, you may want to try it out and then find yourself receiving awards for your feats! Then, during the interviews, people will ask you how you found out about extreme ironing and you’ll say “from Anna at!” and I’ll end up with great marketing as you iron Protein Pow aprons on eagles nests all over the world). Back to the banana bread though ;-)

I urge you to try it. Here’s the recipe. Why do I urge you to try it?

Because the end product is ridiculous! Super moist and with a bit of (grass-fed) butter, nom nom nom! I especially liked the walnuts in it – always a great addition to banana breads. If you don’t like walnuts though, you could use pecans or macadamia nuts. Or, if you don’t want ANY nuts, you could throw in some poppy seeds or pumpkin seeds or hemp seeds! Just make sure you make this bread. Your tastebuds will thank you for it; I guarantee it.

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