Why Women Need More Protein: An Infographic

A few weeks back, I got an email from a guy who said his company had created an infographic promoting the consumption of protein amongst women for a company called Well Wisdom. He said it was a pretty cool infographic and asked me if I’d like to share it. I said I’d have a look first because I’m normally not TOO hot on infographics (I feel like they sometimes decontextualize information and dilute it to the point of rendering it useless). I didn’t actually said the second part to him though, I was polite and said thank you and that I’d consider it. Anyways, for some reason or another, his email was buried under an avalanche of emails and I completely forgot about it until today, when I was doing an inbox cleanup and found it. Feeling a bit bad about my delay in getting back to him, I clicked on the infographic and voila, I saw it. And I like it. This is it. It’s actually pretty cool, isn’t it? Simple, of course, as all infographics are, but the points it touches on are pretty solid. The ONLY thing I wish it did is suggest a range of protein grams for women to hit. I say a range and not a number because the amount of protein people need (men OR women) is highly dependent their goals, history, and personal circumstance. A range would have been good though – it would have served to also contextualize the infographic’s servings breakdown. But still. It’s a cool infographic. So I’m sharing it with you in hope that you like it too. Feel free to share it on as well! Because the more of us that do, the more women we can save from leading a life largely devoid of protein… POW!

Women should not fear protein

This infographic was brought to you by Well Wisdom

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