Raw Protein Chocolates

If you’ve been to ANY of my workshops, you’ll know that I’m all for promoting experimentation and outside-the-box type thinking. I urge – and sometimes downright harass – people to let go of any apprehensions or inhibitions they may have about the cooking process. I tell them to just go crazy with their ingredient combinations, to close their eyes and follow just the tastebuds, and to let the spirit of experimentation guide them. Sometimes this approach scares people and they look at me like I just walked them into the middle of a jungle and let go off their hand. But if you fast forward twenty minutes, you’ll notice that the people who initially approached their ingredients with unease, suddenly throw their hats up in the air and are going bananas – trying this and that, mixing unusual flavors together, and conjuring up protein MAGIC.


That’s how these little chocolates were born. They were born a few months back when, at a Protein Pow workshop in Brighton (here are some of the pics of that workshop if you want to see them), Rhian and Briar were experimenting with different ingredients, mixing wildness on top of wildness, and then figured, hey! let’s see if this works… And just like that, BOOM! They created these absolutely STUNNING protein chocolates. Now, they didn’t write down the exact recipe for what they and I know this will irk some of you who expect a formula from me along with broken-down macros. But I wanted to share this with you anyways – as an idea – because I think it can inspire you. I also think that the ingredients alone can provide you with strong enough coordinates to reach your destination. Check it out:


Coconut oil
Nut butter
Cocoa Powder
Whey Protein

To make the chocolates, all Rhian and Briar did was mix the above ingredients together to form a soft ‘dough’ which they then stuck inside a chocolate silicone tray and set in the freezer for 15 minutes. In so doing, they brought to life these delectable little chocolates that were almost fudgy in consistency but soft to the touch and mmmmm – delicious! I urge you to experiment with this blueprint. Please. Play around with the amounts, let the flavors guide you, and enjoy the process of RAW Protein Pow experimentation.