Protein Macaroni & Cheese – Oh, Yes. Yes. Yes!

PROTEIN MAC N CHEESEA few months ago, Buzzfeed published an article called ‘Can You Make it Through This Post Without Feeling Sexually Attracted to Food?’ where they featured a bunch of alluring photo/gifs of food alongside some pretty hilarious captions. I thought it was pretty amusing. And inspirational! Because it reminded me of all the foods I’ve yet to ‘protenize’. So, after watching it, I made a note-to-self which read “protein mac n cheese, profiteroles, biscuits, and molten chocolate protein cake.” I decided to start with the mac n cheese:


1/2 cup gluten-free (or regular) macaroni
1/4 cup pea protein powder (read Note 1 below)
3/4 cup cartoned coconut or regular cow’s milk
1/4 cup cheese (cheddar ideally)
1 teaspoon cheddar cheese powder (see Note 2 below)
salt to taste


1. Cook the macaroni.

2. Meanwhile, in a pot, mix the rest of the ingredients to create the sauce. Taste it as you go along to ensure it ticks all of your tastebuds’ boxes. Take the pot off the heat before the stuff begins to boil (you don’t want to cook the sauce, you just want to heat everything up and mix it together to create a smooth SA-oos).

3.  Once the mac is cooked, mix it with the cheese sauce.

4. Munch!

The result was phenomenal; it was such an awesome post-workout meal! Especially if you love macaroni & cheese. This delivered all the creaminess and kaPOW! cheesiness that mac n cheese packs with a fraction of the calories, carbs and fat! Absolute wizard status.

Macros per bowl (out of 2):

23g protein
24g carbs
13g fat

Note 1

I used this pea protein powder, from MyProtein. If you’re in the US though, I suggest you get this one. If you’re in Australia, get it from Bulk Powders Australia!

Note 2

I added the cheddar powder for color mostly. It’s also great for adding extra cheesiness to the sauce but I did it to make it yellow-er. You COULD just use 1/2 tsp of turmeric for the job though so if it’s color you’re after and you can’t be bothered getting cheese powder, go with the turmeric. Do bear in mind though that the cheddar pow does add an extra cheesiness to the whole thing too.

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