Blueberry Protein Pancakes (Egg-Free)

Screen-Shot-2013-04-23-at-7.23.22-PMI’ve been walking my eggs for YEARS. You see, I don’t have a car; I don’t have a license even. I like to walk and take the train. So I buy my 36-egg-cartons and I walk them home every week. It’s been like this ever since I left the family nest in Chicago to go to University in Shhhcotland. At first my friends there found this amusing, but all too quickly the sight of me walking down the street with a carton of eggs became commonplace – as did the growing pile of cartons on top of our fridge (and then our cupboards and then our trash). What did I do with all these eggs? I ate them.  I ate them and I experimented making all sorts of high-protein foods with them. Now, I won’t say I’m an egg expert (an ‘eggspert’, har har) but what I will say is that I have a lot of… eggperience (har har har). That’s why most of the recipes you see here in my blog feature either whole eggs or egg whites.

So… when people ask me for egg-less high-protein recipes I need to go back to square one and experiment all over again. There’s a lot of trial and a hell of a lot of error. But sometimes – just SOMETIMES – I stumble upon an egg-less recipe that ticks all the boxes and makes me nommmmm!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This recipe is one of them.

These pancakes are top notch. They’re kind of like patties, yes, in that they’re not that bready at all. But what they are is absolutely delicious! They almost melt in your mouth and, with the bursting blueberries inside? Pure old fashioned nommage.

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