An Insanely Delicious Buried-Banana Whey Protein Banana Bread Recipe

Healthy Banana Protein BreadThere are a lot of MUST-try recipes in this blog – experiments that yielded jaw-dropping, finger-licking, tear-shedding results. You can tell which recipes are a solid 10 out of 10 because they live in posts full of exclamation marks, capital letters, and a ridiculous amount of superlatives. Take for example, this recipe: THIS ABSOLUTELY LUDICROUS HEAVEN-DROPPED BURIED-BANANA WHEY PROTEIN BANANA BREAD! I ferociously recommend you try it. It turned out insanely delicious indeed. This is the kind of banana bread that people like me would pitch a tent for (à la “how long have you been in line for?” “We’ve been in line for six hours” “We got here last night!” “The bread is so worth the wait” “I’m getting fifty loaves and freezing half” “Last time I had a loaf, I almost burst into tears” etc etc etc.) And the best thing about this recipe? That it requires only six very basic ingredients and is so easy that even a very small child (or someone with childlike kitchen skills) can make it.


1/2 cup pumpkin puree (or a cooked sweet potato)
1/2 cup vanilla whey protein powder
1 cup liquid egg whites
1 banana (plus another banana for burying inside)
1/2 cup coconut flour
3/8 cup rolled oats
1 teaspoon cinnamon (optional but highly recommended)


1. Blended together and baked in a bread loaf tin at 160 C (320 F) for about 40 minutes; to find out when your bread is ready, remember to keep stabbing it with a knife and remove it when your knife comes out clean.

2. Yeah, so, what I did was mix the ingredients above, stick the batter in a silicone bread loaf tin, bury a banana – horizontally- inside and bake it :-) Result? AAAAA!!!!

What a bread this is!!!! Could it possible BE any healthier too? A banana bread made out of just pumpkin, coconut, egg whites, oats, whey and banana? I honestly don’t think you could get a healthier banana bread, at least not one that’d taste this good! I dare you to find one.

It’s super moist inside. Shocking, really, when you think about how low in fat this is. And, oh, what I love the most about it is the banana buried inside.

That turns the bread from delicious to WAAAA! Have you ever had fried bananas or fried plantains? If you have, you know how they taste really different than fresh bananas? How they get gooey and sweet in that umph-umph way? Well, this is exactly what the banana buried inside this banana bread was like -> Madness –> MADNESS! Try it and see for yourself. Also, if you want, add some pecan nuts too or walnuts to the mix to intensify the whole KA-POW! factor even further. Seriously, what a first class loaf of banana bread this is!! Please make it? Your tastebuds (and waistline!) will thank you for it ;-)

Macros per Slice (out of 10): 

8.1g protein
12.1g carbs (4.9g sugars)
1.3g fat (0.7g sat)
3.2g fiber

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