Protein Pancake Day Competition

It’s official: January 23rd has now been cemented in history as Protein Pancake Day.

To celebrate this day of epic proportions, I am running a competition. All you need to do to enter it is to create a stack of protein pancake and email me the recipe and photos.

If you’ve never made protein pancakes before or if you think your pancakes aren’t up to scratch, don’t worry. Now’s your chance to improve your skills! Because protein pancakes are extremely easy to make and the internet is PACKED with protein pancake ideas you can gain inspiration from. Check out, for example, these pancakes. You could definitely ‘proteinize’ a lot of them. Or check out some of the pancakes I’ve made! You can definitely play around with my recipes too. Just make sure you tweak them enough so they’re uniquely yours.

The winner of the competition will receive a Box of Pow. This includes a signed copy of my cookbook, a Protein Pow Apron, a free copy of my Protein Bar Wizardry ebook, a cool protein-pancake-flipping spatula, and a bunch of protein powders to celebrate the art of protein pancaking with!

To enter the competition, all you need to do is this:

1. Create a unique protein pancake recipe. Make sure it’s not posted anywhere else (i.a. on a magazine, facebook, IG, your blog, or a book).
3. Send one to three photos of the pancakes, along with the recipe, to with the heading “Protein Pancake Wizard”.

How the competition works:

On January 23rd, I will upload ALL of the pancake recipes here on Every pancake recipe will have it’s own page so feel free to introduce the recipe with some text about what it means to you, how you came up with it, and, if you have a blog, be sure to link it too. You don’t HAVE to send an accompanying text though, this is optional. The winner will be chosen to be he/she with the most views/hits for their pancakes!


1. This competition is open to everyone, no matter what their location is.
2. The deadline for submission is January 22nd, at midnight UK time.
3. All entries will go up on January 23rd at noon, UK time.
4. To see an example of a previous competition, check out our Global Protein Cheesecake Day Competition!

Remember to be creative! And think about presentation! And, when possible, send me the macros along with your recipe. OK…. GOOD LUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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