Gingerbread Protein Cupcakes


Hello! Hope you’re having a wonderful week so far. Isn’t it wild how soon 2017 is!? I vividly remember being at school and writing 1995 on my exams and now… here we are, approaching 2017. This year has been absolutely crazy for Protein Pow. I’ve loved sharing all the madness with you!

We started the year with our just-released Pow mixes,  last month we *finally* released our Pow powders and very soon, our Protein Pow protein bars will be out! I cannot wait for you to eat them. Samples have been going out to several buyers and I honestly can’t wait for you to try them too. Everyone who’s tried them thinks these bars are revolutionary – in terms of taste, macros, ingredients and did I mention taste? They are DELICIOUS.

SANTAAnyways, enough about Pow. Let me tell you about these protein cupcake: they moved. Yup, they’re not here anymore. You know where the are? They’re in the 2016 Protein Pow Holiday Recipes ebook which can be yours for… FREE. It’s a beautiful 83-page e-cookbook featuring dozens of other protein versions of holiday classics! Yeaaaah baby!!!!!

I just wanted to end the year giving you guys something fun to print out and useful to devour, you know? As a thank you for being such wonderful readers, followers, fans and frankly also friends.

So enjoy this one, guys. Make these recipes with your loved ones, make them by yourself, make them for your friends and family – there’s something in here to cater to EVERYONE’S deepest desires! Food-wise, you know. They’re macro-friendly recipes that actually TASTE like the real deal and they’re fun to make and really, really easy.


Anyways, to get the ebook, all you need to do is visit our Pow shop, add the ebook to your cart, and enter code HOHOPOW at checkout. That entitles you to 100% off. YES! The best type of discount on earth, right!?

PS: If you’re apprehensive about making cupcakes (because you’ve never made cupcakes before and think you probably won’t be able to make them), please. Don’t be.

Before I made my first cupcake, I remember thinking that making cupcakes would be really hard. In fact, I thought they were totally outside my reach, in the sense that there was no way I could make them from scratch without proper training or some kind of hardcore cooking lessons. I saw cupcakes as something belonging to the baking shops, supermarkets, or… heck, TV baking shows. I thought only professionals could make them – people trained in the art of baking, patisserie, and ‘sugar-craft’.  But you know what? When I made my first cupcake I realized I was wrong! Because making cupcakes – especially protein cupcakes – is dead easy. It’s child’s play really, I kid you not. All you need is one magic tool: a nozzle.

Now, this might be a totally foreign object to a lot of you and you may perceive it as something ‘other people’ – professionals especially – use. If you do, I’d like to stop you and ask demand that you rethink your viewpoint. Listen, nozzles are incredibly easy to use and they’re available in practically all kitchen stores. They’re also dirt CHEAP. Look, you can get 24 of them for $7.41 here! Kinda cool, huh? My goal is actually to transform each and everyone of you into proud owners of at least one piping nozzle.


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