Protein Hot Chocolate!

Today I will be in London all day, running October’s Protein Pow Workshop (here are some of of the prep pics, warahoo!). But I thought to leave you guys with something special: my protein hot chocolate. I wrote this recipe for my column but I am linking it here too because it’s fab. I think so at least

It’s fab because it’s so rich and chocolatey! And feels like proper hot chocolate (as opposed to some of the extremely watery excuses for hot chocolate out there in the world today). I topped it with ‘protein whipped cream’ but this step is optional of course. You can enjoy your hot chocolate solo or you can top it with something else, like cocoa powder or hey! How about some protein fluff for a smashing hot/cold combo?

Here’s the link to the recipe

Don’t forget, by the way, to vote for what you want my next protein bar recipe to be. Close to 400 people have voted and it LOOKS like Peanut Butter & Jelly Protein Bars will win. But who knows, maybe the vote will swing to something else in the last minute. I doubt it’ll be my Protein Bars from the Dark Side though, sadly… Anyways, I’ll make and upload the winning protein bar recipe tomorrow. Until then, sayonara babies!

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