Dark Chocolate Protein Cubes

Making these cubes is super easy (and fun!) Really. I mean, try it out and you’ll see. I think all my recipes are pretty easy (a case of mix- -> -bake -> freeze/cool/frost -> eat) mostly because I cook without much of a method and often just ‘wing it.’ I’m not into making super complicated food. All I care about is that it sweeps me off my feet – that it makes me levitate with delight. This cubes did exactly that and I’m JUST landing back on my feet.


3/4 cups liquid egg whites
1/4 cup chocolate hemp protein powder (if you don’t have any, use casein)
1/4 cup cocoa (of the 100% powdered kind)
2 tablespoons plain brown rice protein powder (if you don’t have any, sub this with more casein?)

1 pot Total 0% Greek yogurt
1 tablespoon coconut flour (could sub this with ground almonds/ground oats)
2 tablespoons ground almonds
1/2 cup milk
2 tablespoons oat flour (or just more ground almonds)


1. Blended together and baked into 7 mini cakes for ~ half an hour at 320 F (160 C).

Normally, I look at a recipe with this many ingredients and am turned off, thinking ‘arrrrgh – too many ingredients.’ If you’re thinking this about THIS recipe though, stop right there and consider the all the substitutions mentioned above. You can totally do it even with basic powders; just round them up and boom: chuck them all in a bowl – that’s as hard as it gets.

2. OK, so. I let them cool, went to the gym, got back and cut each of them in half (making ‘cubes’). Then, with a knife, I cut out a cone into the center of each (for the stuffing) and filled it with:


1/2 tub Total 0% Greek yogurt
1/4 cup milk (again, I used coconut but any will do)
1/4 cup vanilla brown rice protein


1. Ingredients  just mixed together in a bowl with a spoon

2. Afterwards, I just melted 2 squares of 90% Lindt chocolate in a bain marie (i.e. a glass bowl over a pot with boiling water) and threw the cubes – ‘head down’ into the chocolate. I kind of just drowned the submerged the cube’s head in the chocolate, in a way ;-) Let them cool and yeah, that is IT. Result? Well, fuf… incredible! The cakey bit is super soft and moist (it’s the beauty of baking with hemp and/or brown rice protein but you can get a similar texture with casein (not whey though)) and the filling just explodes in your mouth with silky smoothness as you break through the chocolate layer on top. Ohhh: walalalaaaa! my mouth was doing cartwheels

Macros per cube (each is about 1.5 x 1.5 inches):

7.6g protein
3.9g carbos (0.6g sugars)
2.6g fat (0.8g sat)
1.4g fiber