A Three Ingredient Protein Pizza!

People love to ask me what my favorite ‘cheat food’ or ‘cheat meal’ is and I always shrug and say I don’t know. Then, they look at me suspiciously and one of two things always happens: Either 1. they tell me I’m lying because there HAS to be something unhealthy I like eating, or 2. they think I’m nuts for not craving any junk food or traditional dessert. Honestly though, I never do. I mean… maybe if you start describing the feel, touch, and taste of a Parisian dark chocolate eclairs, then sure, I’ll succumb to the idea and lust after it for a while. But you know what I’ll do if the craving gets too intense to handle? I’ll make a protein eclair (that’s exactly what happened here). So yeah, I don’t have a favorite ‘cheat’ food. I don’t because I make nutrition-dense and high-protein versions of stuff like pizza, cake, brownies, ice cream, bread, pancakes, and donuts all the time. And I always feel great about it. I paying homage to my food, enjoying every bite – until I get to lick the plate

I never dream about Pizza Hut or a McDonalds burger or fries or Taco Bell or Dairy Queen or Krispy Kremes or sweets or sugary desserts; they just don’t excite me.

And it’s funny. You know, back in April, when I ran my Protein Pow workshop with Steve Cook (here are the pics if you haven’t seen them), we were talking about this – about how when you cook your own food and satisfy your sweet tooth with healthy-yet-delicious versions of your favorite foods, the allure to ‘jump off the bandwagon’ of a healthy diet completely disappears. To give an example, Steve spoke about Jamie Eason. He spoke about how one of the reasons she stays in shape year-round is because she cooks her own food and makes a wide array of healthy sweet foods too – like protein cakes and bars (check our Jaimie’s Pumkin Protein Bars to see what I’m talking about.)

Which brings me right back to this post about pizza – protein pizza. I love it. It’s so easy and quick to make! And I eat it a lot, something with protein powder, sometimes without – and every time I nommmmm like a crazy person because Zeus! It’s fantastic! And you can do so much with protein pizza too – you can flavor it however you want, tweak its macros to fit your goals, top it with all sorts of meats and veg and in a matter of minutes… BOOM! Pizza!

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