Chocolate Protein Oatmeal & Protein Ice Cream

Protein Porridge Recipe

Allow me to introduce today’s recipe by way of rhyme


In a village by the river
a green monster there lived
And one morning in September
A new package it received.

“What is this I have before me
looks like ice cream… could it be?”
“Let me rip open this package…
It is ice cream! Lucky me!”

So he put it in the freezer,
Packed his gym back and he went
To the weight floor with a litre
of his ‘mino supplement.

He got home after two hours
Hungry as hungry can be
Didn’t have the waiting powers
To even brew a cup of tea.

“There is one thing I’ll be eating
And that’s homemade protein oatsA few things just need quick heating
Then I’m ready for my proats!”

And it was then that it all hit him
“Protein Ice Cream on my Oats!
Hot and Cold, sweet and sweeter
Oh my Zeus! Holy Goats!”

Then he added cocoa powder
to his oatmeal, what a wizard!
With the whey and the ice cream…
A protein blast, a nommage blizzard!


I know. It’s a bit of a stretch. Especially the ‘Goats’ part. But what can I say? Rhyming’s not strong with me. But I attempted it anyways because I felt this post needed a bit of a more ‘unusual’ introduction. Why? Because this recipe is crazy good! And so easy. It’s the kind of thing that takes five minutes to make and delivers a whole cascade of nommmmmmm! And it’s such a simple idea – dark chocolate protein oats (aka proats) with a scoop of protein ice cream. It’s brilliant! Brilliant because the flavors compliment each other beautifully and the way the hot and cold play up against each other is just… fwaaa. I highly recommend you give it a shot. It’s one of the most exciting post-workout snacks I’ve ever made :-D


1/4 cup rolled oats (gluten free or regular)
1 tablespoon 100% cocoa powder
1/4 cup vanilla (or unflavoured) whey protein
1 cup milk (I used cartoned coconut but any would do)
1/2 teaspoon toffee stevia (it’s optional but really nice)

1 pot protein ice cream 


1. Place the milk, oats, stevia, and cocoa powder in a pot and heat it up until your desired oatmeal (or porridge) consistency is reached. Some people like their oatmeal super thick while others don’t so just stir it until it gets to where you want it.

2. Once cooked, remove the oatmeal from the stove and let it cool for a couple of minutes before mixing in your whey. The reason it’s best to add the whey AFTER the oatmeal is made is because you want to ensure the whey doesn’t cook because, if it does, it can get all lumpy and we don’t want that – we want our oatmeal smooth and creamy.

3. Get some protein ice cream out of the freezer. I used Whey Hey! but if you don’t have access to it for some reason remember you can always make your own (here are a bunch of my recipes showing you how, oh and here’s one of my columns talking about protein ice cream too). I personally love Whey Hey! and I’m really excited because, as you guessed, the monster in the story above is me and I did indeed get a box full of Whey Hey! this morning!

4. Eat it. Eat it as the ice cream melts into your oats and the whole thing just WAAAAA!!!!!

Macros per one little bowl (out of 2):

27g protein
23g carbs
9g fat