Peanut Butter & Marshmallow Protein Cups

Peanut Butter Protein Cups“Hey! I just made Peanut Butter & Marshmallow Protein Cups, want to try one?”

“Sure, I’ll take one…. Thanks.”

He takes a bite.

She waits for it waits for it waits for it and in a matter of seconds BAAAAM! There it is: the spirit of nommage taking over:

“Holy #?&$@! Anna!!!!! MMM!!!! These are BETTER than regular peanut butter cups! They’re better than Quest peanut butter cups too and they’re better than any of the ones you’ve made before (e.g. these ones and these ones)! Anna, do you realize what you’ve just made here!? WHOA! We’re taking wizardry of the highest level! Holy #?&$@!!!! mmmmm…. Can I have another one!?”

I shared these protein cups with three people and I got a similar reaction each and every time – an initial calmness followed by shock, intense nommage, and complete and utter disbelief. “How is it POSSIBLE that something this tasty is actually good for me?” one of my friends asked me. “I just can’t believe this is high in protein and sugar-free!” another followed. “I GOT to have another one…” the third one said.

You’ll understand these reactions when you make these peanut butter cups. They’re so good! But I’ll let them do the talking now.


1/2 cup whey (here, I used Cellucor’s Peanut Butter & Marshmallow whey but any other will work too)
1 tablespoon peanut butter
2 tablespoons coconut flour (you don’t need this if you use a veggie powder)
1/4 cup almond milk
6 squares 85% Lindt (i.e. 60 grams)


1. First, melt your chocolate in a bain marie (i.e. a glass bowl on top of a pot of boiling watah).

2. As the chocolate melts, make the filling of your PB cups by mixing the rest of the ingredients together until you get a thick sort of batter (see pic to the left here). Try not to eat it all. You’ll be tempted, trust me. But mobilize some restraint, will you? Because the cups are worth it.

3. When the chocolate has melted, pour half of it between 6 muffin cups. Then, add a dollop of the filling on top and cover them with the rest of the melted chocolate.

4. Put them in the freezer for 30-40 minutes and then just ‘unmold’ them (check out the video I uploaded on my IG account to see how I did it). It’s great using silicone muffin cups for the job because the cups come right off! These are the ones I use. You can get there here if you’re in the UK and here if you’re in the US

5. Anyways, after unmolding them… boom! you’re done!

Macros per Cup (out of 6): 123kcals, 9g protein, 4g carbs (out of which 2g is fiber so net carbs = 2g!!!!), 7g of healthy pb + cocoa fats


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