Muscle Building & Fat Burning Animals – A Protein Cereal

These animals may LOOK innocent but don’t be fooled, they’re not. They’re muscle-building and fat-burning animals.

As soon as you eat them, you can feel the fat in your body start melting away and the muscle start growing. Your shirts will rip from your bulging hulkian figure (and you may need this t-shirt). Your belts will all need new holes.

How???? How do these animals achieve such level of wizardry? Ah, they achieve it because of the simple fact that they contain two magical ingredients: eggs and whey protein powder. As Women’s Health notes, these, “are foods that start winnowing your waistline the moment they leave your fork and enter your mouth. They build muscle, promote fat burning, or simply use energy (i.e. burn calories) just to digest them!” Isn’t it great!?

No. It’s absurd. And a bit outrageous too! Because so many people actually believe that foods can HAVE such powers. There are so many foods (and recipes, mind you) out there sold as being able to burn fat, ‘ramp up your metabolism’ and/or build muscle. It’s ridiculous. It’s ridiculous because only a healthy diet combined with a solid exercise plan and plenty of good old-fashioned sleep can do that.

The world of protein is, however, jam-PACKED with absurd claims like the above. Claims like, “oh, protein takes twice as much energy as carbs to break down thus protein burns calories!” or “whey protein de facto builds muscle!” or “I’ll just drink this ‘Diet’ protein shake and the pounds will melt away!”

I’ve gotten a lot of emails about this actually, emails from people asking which protein powder ‘works’ best to build muscle or which protein powder is best for fat-loss. Buddy! You can drink 10 shakes a day and not gain any muscle if you don’t attend to your training and work out intelligently. Protein doesn’t WORK – you do. At the same time, you can build plenty of muscle without ever consuming a protein shake (‘Muscle Building’ or otherwise).

And all these ‘Diet’ protein powders don’t help the situation. They’re almost as ‘bad’ as protein powders ‘for women’ (which I discussed here) – they’re misleading and oftentimes downright ridiculous in their claims, marketing themselves as able to build lean muscle at the same time as they burn fat. Borther, Sister…. please.

When I started Protein Pow, I made a conscious effort to not include ‘Diet’ protein powders in my recipes. Or ‘Women Only’ protein powders. Because they’re, an absolute abomination in my eyes and contribute to the continual misinformation of thousands upon thousands of people who think that all they have to do is buy X product, make X recipe, drink X shake – to burn muscle and/or burn fat when the reality is far simpler: eat a healthy diet, exercise intelligently, and sleep well. But… I guess that formula doesn’t always sell?

To conclude though, I WOULD like to share with you the recipe for these animals. It’s for them that you came to this post anyways, right? I wouldn’t want to reel you in under false pretence

They’re not muscle-building or fat-burning though, I lied about that. They’re just a great way to get a POW of protein, a BAAAM of deliciousness, and a CRUNCH into your breakfast routine! All without sugar, fat, or a lot of carbs to speak of. I actually published the recipe a few days ago but made them again last night to have them this morning as ‘cereal’ and they were amazing. I especially loved the way the milk got into the zebra stripes, adding further realism to the bowl


1 cup Cellucor’s Cinnamon Swirl Whey Protein Powder
2 cups liquid egg whites
3 tablespoons coconut flour
1/4 cup vanilla pea protein powder
1 tablespoons extra cinnamon (to swirl on top)

The directions can be found here.

Macros per Animal:

8g protein
1g carbs
1g fat 

You can adapt your animal amount to how hungry you’re feeling. They’re fab and I can’t recommend them enough (unlike ‘Diet’ protein powders which I could not discourage you more strongly from purchasing; they’re a sham).