A Celebration of Dark Chocolate & Goji Berries

The first time I tried goji berries, I felt had. I felt cheated – I felt lied to. “These berries are supposed to be ‘delicious’ and they taste… awful!” I chucked the bag to the side, defrauded, and forgot about it for months until I was out with a friend and (don’t ask me how) the conversation turned to goji berries. My friend was raving about them, going on and on about how goji berries are the best thing on this planet – from a nutrition and a flavor perspective. I wasn’t buying it. So I asked her, “how can you say that… they’re foul!” That’s when she told me to never to eat them alone (not alone as in by myself but alone as in… unaccompanied by another food.) “Try eating a few goji berries along with some dark chocolate,” she said, “and you’ll see what I mean.”And I did. And ohhhh!

The combination of dark chocolate and berries came to become one of my favorite snacks or meal desserts. I don’t know why they go so well together – dark chocolate and goji berries, but they do. And I urge you to try them.

I’ve made several recipes to honor this heavenly flavor match:

1. Berry & Protein Dark Chocolate Protein Chocolates (featured in my Fitocracy column here).

2. The Acai and Goji Berry Protein Bars found in my Protein Bar Recipes Ebook.

3. The Amazing and Incredible Protein Magic Bars (click here for the recipe).

4. My Goji Berry Protein Sandwich.

5. Goji Berry & Dark Chocolate Oatbran – it doesn’t feature protein but… man, fwaaaaa….

I urge you to try them all. And to join me in celebrating this wonderful union of flavors :-)

PS: Here’s a link to my Protein Pow(d)er Cookbook! Which features more love towards gojis and all things dark chocolate ;-)

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