Dark Chocolate Grilled Bananas +/- Protein Ice Cream ;-)

Welcome to a post for one of the best summer desserts in the history of humankind: dark chocolate filled grilled bananas. They take no time – or skill – to make and you can have them next to a scoop of vanilla protein ice cream (here are some of my best protein ice cream recipes). They’re so decadent and gorgeous and healthy! Oh, I swear, summer can’t taste any better than this!!!!!!


Dark chocolate


1. Slice the banana horizontally (halfway) and stuff it with dark chocolate.

2. Stick it right on the BBQ coals after you’re done grilling your meats and veg.

Macros per Serving: N/A

The chocolate melts… and the banana gets warm and gooey…

The whole thing is just… so… enticing, alluring, seductive, captivating….

And then, oh, winged Moses! out comes the vanilla (protein) ice cream and… AAAA!!!
It renders you…