Just a note to say sorry about the fact that “Portein Pow(d)er: The Cookbook” went ‘off air’ yesterday and was unavailable! I spoke with Amazon UK today and am happy to report that we’ve sorted it all out. It was a glitch in their system. But it’s all sorted now and the cookbook is back! Here’s the link from which you can order the cookbook whether you’re in the UK, USA, OZ, Canada, Central/South America, EU, Asia, Africa or hey, Antartica ;-)The cookbook, in case you were wondering, contains my favorite protein recipes from the last couple of years along with my Protein Powder Substitution Chart and the Ingredients Substitution Chart. It does not contain the same recipes as my Protein Bar Ebook. The ebook is just about protein bars whereas the cookbook has recipes for protein cheesecake, protein donuts, protein ‘cereal’, protein breads, protein pancakes, etc. None of the recipes in the cookbook or the ebook can be found on this blog any more (they were either taken off the blog or never published here). So yeah, just clarifying because I’m still getting a bunch of emails from people asking about this