Upside Down Vanilla Custard Protein Muffins with Dark Chocolate

Like I wrote yesterday, I’ll be at the BodyPower expo this weekend – giving cooking presentations and selling my cookbook all weekend (at my own stand, stand HE13!) I’m really pumped and I hope to meet a lot of you guys :-) But I know a lot of people won’t be able to make it   so I thought to leave everyone a little present here while I’m gone this weekend: a recipe video for one of the coolest – and yummiest – upside down protein muffins I’ve made in a long time!

They’re intense. And they’re really easy to make! All you need are five pretty basic ingredients: eggs, whey, almonds, almond milk (or regular milk), dark chocolate and BOOOOM! You’re set.

The video below walks you through the whole process.

They’re really custard-like in flavor, soft, and cakey at the same time! They go amazingly well with the dark chocolate and dipped in coffee!? Oy oy oy, MAMA MIA!

AND if you bake them in little tart pie cases (like these ones here) and THEN turn them upside down, you’ll end up with a little cake like the one pictured to the left here! Amazing, no? And they taste surreal…

Anyways,  I’ll be back on here on monday with lots of Body Power pics and stories!

Until then, I leave you with the video. I hope you like it!!!!