Dark Chocolate Covered Protein Donuts

Have you ever made Protein Donuts? Because if you haven’t, oy oy oy, you’ve got to give them a shot! They’re really easy to make and these protein donuts in particular are delicious – nutty, moist, and against the dark chocolate on top? Well…. FWAAAAA!!!!

I used a silicone donut tray to make them (this one) but, if you don’t have one, don’t sweat it. You can divide the batter inside muffin cases and either a) dig a hole in the center once they’re cooked or b) forget about the whole donut thing and go for more of a danish look.

You could even inject them with a casein + greek yogurt filling to bump up the protein… to infinity and beyond!

Another thing you can do, if you don’t want to use dark chocolate, is roll the donuts (or danishes) on some cinnamon and granulated stevia! Or on grated coconut .

Click here to read the whole article and get the recipe!

And click here to get a copy of my cookbook and make more donuts! I have a couple of protein donut recipes in there that you can eat as ‘cereal’ and ensure you start your  day with a BOOM, BAAM, kaPOW!


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