My Post-Workout Chocolate Protein Cake

I was on the train the other day – it was 9am and I was heading to Southampton. Across from me was a woman reading a newspaper.

Half an hour into the journey, I got hungry. I hadn’t had breakfast so… I opened my bag, pulled out a tupperware, opened it, and proceeded to devour a gigantic slice of protein cake. The cake was made with blueberries, yogurt, oats, protein powder, egg whites, and almonds. It was moist, layered, tall, and to me, it constituted a pretty well-rounded breakfast. But to this woman? Oh, no. To this woman I was conducting an act of unspeakable gluttony – I was a heart attack waiting to happen (either that or I was Bridget-Jonesing my way to a new voluptuous me.)

Her eyes were full of outrage while I ate it, á la how-could-you-be-eating-ALL-that-CAKE-at-NINE-thirty-AM-! But there I was, smiling ear to ear – enjoying the hell out of my creation :-D

I’m telling you this because the exact same thing happened today, only this time it was at the gym. And this time, one could say the outrage was more directed (because the gym tends to make people more aware of their and others’ food choices).

I grabbed a seat across from a woman who looked like she just finished workout out (all the tables are shared because, well, there aren’t that many). I opened my bag, took out my tupperware, ‘exposed’ a big slices of cake and BOOM: munched it!

She then gave me a look of “are you sure that’s the best thing to be eating post-workout?” The kind of look that you and I probably save for the people that down all makes of junkfood after the gym because they’ve ‘earned it’. But whatever, I just ate my cake with immense gusto and left.

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