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Protein Low-Carb Rice

Welcome to a flash post – a post where I give you a recipe in a flash. Ready for it? Here it goes!


1 scoop unflavored pea protein powder
2 packs Eat Water rice
1 tablespoon organic tomato paste
1 clove garlic fried up with some coconut oil
Fish oil + lemon + green onion + pepper + sesame seeds + salt or herbamare (to taste) +/- soy sauce


1. Rinse the rice, place it on a pan with the rest of your ingredients (can also crack an egg in for more of a fried rice experience!)

2. Heat it all up. Serve it. Eat it. Enjoy it.

Macros per bowl:

27g protein
1.6g carbs (because it’s 7g carbs but 5.2 is just fiber!)
1g fat


This post took as long to write as it took me to make this.

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