Chocolate Orange Protein Powerballs & Hiking in Hong Kong

Today I bring you a guest post from Mitch Lee, parkour athlete extraordinaire and fan of all things protein. This recipe is doubly exciting because it kicks off a new season of the Protein Pow Hiking Food Recipe Series – a growing series dedicated to celebrating hiking and protein foods (click here to see all hiking food recipes so far). Mitch has been in Macau for the last few months, free-running his way through some incredible scenery while cooking up all sorts of protein madness (you can follow Mitch’s food and his entire journey on his facebook page here). This post features some Protein Powerballs that Mitch made to fuel hin through a particularly exciting hike in Hong Kong and just check out the landscape! Gorgeous :-D So here’s his recipe and a bit more from Mitch himself. Mic over to ya, Mitch-man!

When you know you’re going on a 15km hike, away from most civilisation, its essential to be prepared with good supplies of food and drink. A lot of people would take the easy option and grab sandwiches, crisps, biscuits, chocolate bars etc, but I jumped at the chance to get creative in the kitchen and do some protein baking ;-)

Firstly let me explain that currently living in Macau I have no access to microwaves, ovens, or even blenders in my accommodation. That makes creating protein snacks very limited! The second challenge is my girlfriend Shirin, who was accompanying me on the hike, is coeliac and therefore cannot eat anything containing gluten.


With these challenges in place, I made us some gluten-free wraps filled with bbq pulled pork and salad. I also made us a big portion of rice macaroni in a light Philadelphia sauce with chicken, bacon & sweet corn.

Now, having a sweet tooth like we do, it goes without saying that there needed to be some tasty treats to keep us fuelled up! I set about getting creative and settled upon making ‘Powerballs.’ These are essentially non-bake protein bars moulded into balls which makes them easy to keep snacking on throughout the day.

I LOVE ‘Terry’s Chocolate Orange’ and they are seriously one of my favourite cheat foods! So I decided I would use my Chocolate Cookie protein powder to see if I could make something healthy with a similar flavour… it worked! Not only did it taste good, wait till you see the macro’s of these beauties…


1.5 Scoops (54g) x Chocolate Cookie Leanshake Protein
120g Rolled Oats
90g Banana
The Zest and Juice of ½ an Orange (roughly 1/2 teaspoon orange zest)


1. Mash your banana in a bowl, then grate in the zest of half an orange and squeeze in the juice too.

2. Add 1 scoop of protein and mix to create a liquidy chocolate paste.

3. Start adding the oats and mixing it all together and keep adding until the right consistency forms. I noticed my mixture was a little wet still and so added an additional ½ scoop of protein and that did the trick. It was still sticky but easy to pull apart and form into balls.Place on a sheet of grease proof paper and refrigerate for a few hours or alternately pop in the freezer for 30 minutes.

Although they are very sticky, as you can see from the picture they still kept their form and travelled well. Definitely one of the tastiest protein snacks I have made in a long time, yet so simple and with such great macros!

Macros per powerball (out of 10):

5.7g Protein
12g Carbs (2g Fibre)
1.3g Fat

The hike was fantastic yet very eventful, finishing with nearly being mauled by dogs, having to walk for an hour in complete darkness except for the light on my iPhone and finally having to be rescued by the Hong Kong emergency services after being lost in the middle of nowhere on our own… Despite that, our food helped us keep on going throughout the day and survive our way through that ordeal :-)

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