Peanut Butter Filled Vanilla Protein Crepes

I have some crazy news: 192 copies of “Protein Pow(d)er: The Cookbook” have been pre-ordered. That means there’s only 58 left! You can book your copy here. Remember to email me if you’ve ordered a copy and want me to sign it as I will gladly sign this first batch of 250 but, afterwards, the cookbooks will be out of my hands (and sold via But OK, you’re here for protein crepes so let’s get to it.

I’m a bit late with this recipe. It was published a few weeks ago in my column but I forgot to give you a heads up and link you to it… until now. Here it is .

This recipe is super easy. A lot of people have been making it and commenting on the column itself too so I hope you join them! Because protein crepes are so delicious and, filled with nut butter and/or protein fluff, they’re an absolute delight!

You can make them savory too (by using unflavored whey) and fill them with all kinds of stuff (like mushrooms + ricotta + chicken or spinach + cream cheese + fried garlic and onions = mmmm).

Just give them a shot, why not? All you need is ten minutes and four very basic ingredients .

PS: Here are all my protein crepe (and tortilla wrap) recipes, in case you want to check them out and make them too.

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