Low-Carb Protein Wraps – with ‘Chili Con Carne’

Most people cook the same foods over and over again. They have a specific number of ‘go-to meals’ that they turn to. It’s easier and more convenient to cook this way, without having to endlessly trial-and-error new dishes. It’s also, in a way, much cheaper and time-efficient because one buys exactly what one needs and little time is wasted having to learn new cooking-methods or experiment with new ingredients. It’s not very exciting though and it’s not that great to keep recycling the same stuff time and time again. “Variety is the spice of life,” after all.

But it’s not always out of laziness or being unadventurous that people do this. It’s also because, well… when we master a dish, why not keep basking in its glory?

I do it a lot. Once a week (at least) I’ll make spicy chili for dinner and once a week (at least), I’ll make my grandma’s Red Pepper Chicken (and eat it with low-carb tortillas, nomm). I also make a whole bunch of tuna salad, homemade burgers, cawliflower dahl, sweet potato shepherd’s pie, mackerel pasta, and lots of venison steak – always with a hearty serving of veggies on the side.

Part of what I love about these dishes (besides, of course, the fact that they’re super easy and mmmm…. delicioso) is that they generate fantastic leftovers for lunch the next day! And it’s with leftovers that things start getting interesting and the monotony of the the same dishes is broken :-) Take this chili wrap as an example.

When I got home from the gym today, I opened the fridge and there it was: last night’s spicy chili. I was going to bake some protein bread to make some Sloppy-Protein-Joe type things but then I settled on low-carb protein wraps (because I was getting hangry and wanted something quick).


3/4 cup liquid egg whites
1/4 cup RawLicious unflavored brown protein powder
1 tablespoon psyllium husks


1. I whisked the above ingredients together and then added a tsp of dried rosemary and some sea salt to flavor the batter before frying it on a nonstick pan.

2. I made two wraps out of the mix, one thicker than the other (I’m eating the thicker one as pizza tomorrow, the thinner one is pictured here).

Macros per wrap (out of the 2):

6.6g carbs (out of which 3.8g is fiber!)
19.25g protein
0.45g fat

Result? Fancy. I just added my chili con carne inside, a dollop of full-fat Greek yogurt, paprika, and some fresh parsley. It was lovely, lovely, lovely. The only thing I actually wish I’d done (which you can do) is add a whole egg to the wrap-batter, just to add a bit more moisture. Other than that, BOOM!

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