Strawberry Cream Whey Protein Jelly / Gelatina de Fresa con Whey

This is a Protein Pow classic so I’m posting it in both English and Spanish. I’m playing around with the idea of posting bilingually every once in a while because I have a bunch of readers in Spain and Latin America who told me they’d benefit from this so I thought to give this a go. Let me know what you think here. OK. Now, let’s talk about protein jelly. I’m not a huge fan of fruity whey protein powders BUT when it comes to making protein jelly/o, I love them. I’ve made this with blackcurrant whey, with raspberry whey and with strawberry cream whey and every time nomm nomm derommm :-D Who would have thought fruity wheys could yield such joys?


1/4 cup-ish strawberry cream whey isolate
1/2 pint milk
1/2 pint water
1 pack unflavored powdered gelatine  


1. Boil the water and dissolve your gelatin in it.

2. Then, heat up your milk until it reaches drinking temperature and add it to the water + gelatine. Whisk then the protein powderinto it until the mix is smooth and well-combined. Pour it into a big bowl andleave it to set in the fridge overnight. That’s it: done

Macros per Serving, made with cartoned coconut milk: 

199.2 kcals
5.5g carbs
31g protein
5.9g fat
0.3g fiber  


25g de polvo de suero de leche (proteína whey) – sabor fresa
284ml de leche (puede ser leche de vaca o leche de coco encartonada, o de almendras, o hasta de arroz)  
284ml de agua 
11g de gelatina en polvo
Primero, hierve el aguay disuelve ahí la gelatina. Calienta después la leche (no necesitas hervirla, nada mas calentarla) y añádela al agua + gelatina. Agrega luego el polvo de proteína y mezcla todo bien – hasta que todo este disuelto y bien combinado. Finalmente, transfiere la mezcla a un bowl grande y ponlo en el refri por 3-4 horas (o, mejor aun, por 6-8 horas). Taraaa! Listo :-D
Un bowl grande:199.2kcals, 5.5g carbohydratos, 31g proteína, 5.9g grasa y 0.3g fibra!