My Bodybuilding.Com Protein Pancakes with a Banana Twist

I’m dedicating this post to a recipe I’ve already written, the one in my article here. There were a couple of people who, underneath the article, commented that the recipe didn’t work for them so I was curious as to why because I double test all my recipes before submitting and this one seemed a winner to me. One person said that his batter burnt and another that his batter turned into a ‘hot mush’. Instead of cataloging this feedback underneath the ‘oh well’ while humming to the tune of “can’t please them all,” I thought it best to address the comments directly; to see what could have happened.


1 apple
3 egg whites
1/4 cup whey (I used banana whey this time)
1/4 cup coconut flour
50 blueberries (added after blending the above)


Blended together.

Macros per Serving: N/A

Now, the batter tasted lush but it did indeed seem mushy (due to the apple and coconut flour comprising the ‘body’ to the pancakes). To cook it, this is what I did: I turned on the stove, sprayed my pan with PAM, and let it get medium hot. I then spooned the batter onto the pan and turned down the heat to medium low. This is a crucial step. See, the batter is quite thick – it’s not like a regular runny pancake batter, it’s more like… a wet cookie batter? So you really have to cook the pancakes at a low down the heat to allow them to cook thoroughly. It’s also best to make several small pancakes instead of a huge one, to ensure you can easily flip them. This is because, like I mentioned, the batter is pretty thick and consequently rather heavy. If I had kept my pan hot hot hot, they would have indeed burnt and become unflippable. If I tried to make one giant pancake too, flipping would have been extremely hard. However, by making sure the heat stays low and the pancakes are smaller, they cook through nicely and can then be flipped and plated.

The final product is pretty bready, not at all mushy. You can tell by looking at the pics (click on them for the zoom-in effect!) They’re bulky pancakes (fiber wise, due to the coconut flour) and, for this reason, they’re best split into two servings. They’re great though, because they really absorb that maple syrup while packing in a nice punch of fiber, vitamin C, and antioxidant goodness and delivering that protein kaPOW! Love the banana whey in there too. Strawberry works just as well but the banana makes them nice and yellow and I’ve always thought banana + pancakes? BOOOM!

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