Gluten-Free Protein Pasta – Take one

Have you seen the website about dog shaming? Where dog-owners parade their dogs with signs outlining the dog’s wrong-doings? It’s absolutely hilarious and relevant to this post because that’s exactly how I felt when I pressed my ‘pasta dough’ into the pasta machine. I felt like… like a dog that’s tearing pillow cases expecting someone to walk in the door and break into WHAT ARE YOU DOING!!!! Or, in human terms, like a toddler wrecking havoc with an open bag of flour (this is the expression). In other words, I felt mischievous, doing something I shouldn’t be doing – making a MESS. To be frank I had no idea what I was doing. I’ve only made pasta from scratch once and that was three years ago with heavy assistance from the Cooking-With-Kids lady and a whole bunch of first graders (it was Cooking-With-Kids day at an elementary school I was visiting and I was there lending a hand to help the kids with their cooking.) It was fun and, let me tell you, the kids’ pasta was better than mine. Something else I must say before I dive into this recipe is that Mitch delivered the final kick I needed to give protein pasta a shot as it was his recipe for pea protein pasta (which looked a  whole lot prettier than mine!) that inspired me to get cracking with this one. Click here to check out Mitch’s pasta. Ahhh, thank you, Mitch! For paving the way, you cooking beast, you pioneering devil! :-D So, let’s do this! Because I’m so unbelievably excited about this pasta that I want to climb the nearing mountainous elevation and yoddle my lungs out in joy


1/2 cup brown rice flour
1/4ish cup pea protein
1/4ish cup fresh egg whites
5-6 tablespoons hot water
3 tablespoons extra virgin olive oil


1. Mix pasta ingredients together in a bowl and roll in to a ball.

2. Shape into desired pasta shape and boil.

Macros per Serving (out of 2):

29.2g carbs
22.2g protein
15.45g fat
1.5g fiber!


So, I started off this experiment wanting to make pasta, spaghetti actually (ha!) All too quickly though, I realized that my dough was ridiculously soft and as soon as I pressed it into the pasta machine, and attempted to ‘roll’ it through the thingie, it kind of sat there like a doughy mess (this is where I began feeling like a clown). ‘What do I do?’ I thought, while looking around at the bona fide mess I was creating. I didn’t want to give up though. So… I decided to use the flat-pasta-bit of the machine (the bit used to lasagne sheets?) because the rolling hole there is a lot wider.

I pressed my soft dough into the lasagne rolling hole and… rolled. What came out of the other end of the machine were flatish bits of ‘pasta’ which immediately fell apart (see evidence here) before I literally just dumped them into a pot of boiling water. I did this for all the ‘dough’. After a good five minutes, I took the ‘pasta’ out and drained it. It looked curious – some bits were thicker than others and they were all rather amorphous… I thought ‘what a failure…’ but then – THEN! I bit into one of these shapes and… LO! It tasted of pasta! Glistering, slippery, and cooked pasta! Ugly, sure, but PASTA!
I mixed it with some spicy mushrooms, onions, and chicken breast and I’ve got to say, my heart was pounding the whole time I was eating it, in sheer elation, because while deformed and strange-looking, it was delicious! absolutely superb and I’m not exaggerating! If I can get the shape right – and the thickness – we’re onto a revolution here. And I know it’s possible. Because, I’ll be honest, I didn’t check a single ‘real’ pasta recipe before attempting this. I only saw Mitch’s and followed my heart-strings. I mean, the pasta machine came with an instruction booklet containing recipes for God’s sake! What kind of sorcery do I think I’m involved in over here?

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