The Protein Pow Hiking Food Recipe Series – Episode One: Linseed Warrior Protein Sandwiches

This represents the first of a series of Hiking Food recipes I will be posting in this blog to honor the fact that I love hiking and making food to take on hikes. The aim of this recipe series is twofold: 1. To give people ideas about food hiking friendly-food (which is also good to take on day trips, while, etc.) 2. To inspire people and/or remind them to hike more! Because getting out and communing with nature is oh so invigorating, exciting, and amazing! Hiking’s also great exercise and super fun – especially if you throw in a bunch of hill sprints and get into the habit of racing whoever you’re with, hehe.

Another reason I decided to start this recipe series is because, over the course of this blog, I’ve gotten a LOT of e-mails and personal messages from people asking me which recipes are best-suited for hiking. My answer is always the same: pack some fruit along with a few protein bars and/or gnarly-filled protein-bread-based sandwiches. I think that protein bars, well-constructed sandwiches, and fruit represent a trinity of goodness conducive to optimal levels of energy, stamina, endurance, and POWER. They’re also fun to sit down and munch munch munch, packing as they do that nomm-nommm factor that makes one want to stand on top of the hill and scream, “%&#$ YEAH! This is LIFE!”

To inaugurate this recipe series, I’m going to give you a recipe for protein breads. I made these breads as pancakes and filled them with anchovies, mayo, and sage. You can, however, fill them with whatever you like (i.a. ham, cheese, salmon, tuna salad, egg, chicken, bla bla bla), especially if you’re like the ninja turtles and don’t like anchovies. OK, here’s what you do:


1 cup  liquid egg whites
1/4 cup superveg
1/4 cup sunwarrior warrior blend protein powder (natural)
1/8 cup coconut flour
1/8 cup golden linseeds (aka flaxseeds)


I friend the above batter as pancakes on a super-hot nonstick pan further nonsticked with some coconut oil. I ended up with ten panckes (I flattened the mix up so as to end up with ten round ones, each the size of, say, a coaster?)

Macros per 2 pancake-breads (the whole batter yields 10, which are enough for 5 sandwiches):

6.1g carbs
11.06g protein
3.54g fat
3.88g fiber

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