Low-Carb Protein Brownies with a Vanilla & Coffee Protein Sauce

My dad LOVES making this sauce; he actually eats it as a pudding. It’s a sauce made our of kefir (a probiotic wonderdrink?) which I think is m-mm-mm = delish! I don’t get kefir that often here in England but my dad, who lives in Stockholm, gets it there all the time. If you don’t have Kefir you should try it with regular yogurt though! This is what my dad does: he mixes the kefir with a couple of scoops of vanilla protein powder (he likes Gaspari’s vanilla Myofusion), a tablespoon of espresso and boom: to the freezer for half an hour before getting the spoon out of the drawer and devouring with gusto.

I tried following his instruction today and, after half an hour, opened my freezer to find the kefir still liquidly. I was expecting more of a pudding so I called dad up. “Yo, dad, your kefir pudding is looking kind of liquidy, is that how it’s supposed to be?” I asked him. “Yes, yes!” he said all excited (foodiness runs in the family). So… OK! I used it to top a couple of Layne Norton’s crazy protein brownies from yesterday. Result? AAAA!!!!! Delicious! The coffee breaks through the Myofusion beautifully and, with the dark chocolateyness from the brownies, the whole thing turns into a large-scale orchestral work of deliciousness with thunderous passages of NOMMM!!!!!!


1  cup kefir
1/2  cup vanilla whey
1 tablespoon instant espresso


Mixed together in a bowl and put in the freezer for 30 minutes before serving

Macros per Serving (out of 2):

9.4g carbs
23.95g protein
5.6g fat
0.8g fiber

The above covers four brownies so I used half to cover two (the other half awaits in the freezer to cover two more brownies tomorrow, wooooo!)

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