Cricket Protein Powder Bars – A Revolution Indeed!

I get a lot of deliveries in the mail – a LOT of boxes of protein powder. Every delivery excites me tremendously and my reaction, much to the amusement of the delivery guy, is always one of WARAHOOO!!!!!!! because it means I get to experiment with a new powder and bring into our kitchen game board a potentially exciting new player. I’m telling you this to give you some context and frame my discussion of today’s delivery: as soon as I saw who it was from, I wanted to jump up and down. Thankfully I didn’t have spring-shoes on at the time because, had I been wearing them, my head would have forcefully crashed against the ceiling and goodbye Protein Pow – I was THAT excited. What did the package contain? It contained bars made with cricket protein powder; a powder that, according to Chapul, ‘has a third more protein than most leading protein powder brands, with less than a quarter of the fat and zero sugar.’ Are you excited too?


You see, as soon as I heard of Chapul’s protein powder – the first insect-based protein powder in the US – I wanted to read more, learn more, try it, and get involved. I’ve never actually eaten a cricket (though, after watching The Lion King as a child, I was always intrigued by the idea of eating insects.) More than eighty percent of our global population eats insects as part of a healthy diet though (crickets are in fact a delicacy in many parts of the world!) and I’ve long since known that insects provide an incredible source of nutrition (check his table.)

Anyways, so I was curious and fascinated by the fact that a protein powder was made, particularly one from a company with a passion for good quality nutrition, sustainability, and great tasting food. Let’s address the elephant in the post though, that burning question you may have been asking from the moment you saw the title of this post: HOW DOES IT TASTE!?

One word: Amazing. No, two words: Beyond Amazing! If you look at the


toasted peanuts
toasted oats
chocolate chips
agave nectar

– a winning combination but one that so many bars out there get wrong! Too many dates and too much agave, for example, and bars turn out treacly and ostigante, too many nuts and seeds and they turn out hard and unpleasant to chew. It really all boils down to proportion and these guys?

Macros per Serving:

6g protein
29g carbos (21g sugars)
9g fat (1.5g sat)
3g fiber

Oh, they have got it to the T! I mean, the bars are not cloyingly sweet, they’re not sticky and overly chewy. They have a mild and earthy flavor that, combined with the chocolate, dates, and nuts, delivers one hell of a kaPOW!! The only thing I wish is that they were higher in protein BUT! That’s when the fun comes in because ;-) in the coming weeks, I will be experimenting with the raw protein powder to create higher protein and lower carb recipe madness for you. Be excited because, to use the world’s of Chapul, what we’re witnessing is indeed: a Revolution! To find out more about Chapul and the fantastic work they’re doing, click here and here! Also, to see how the protein powder is made, click here.


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