A Veggie Protein Mini Bread Read

Yesterday, as I was organizing my protein cupboard, I noticed that I still had some superveg. See, I always forget about my superveg because I tend to place it on the same shelf I place the The Giants and, undoubtedly, it gets eclipsed by them. Whenever I see it though, I pull it out and cook with it because am actually a big fan of superveg, not because I see it like a vegetable substitute – Zeus forbid! – but because I think it makes for a fantastic veggie flour. What it is is? It’s basically powdered carrot, beet, mushroom, broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, celeriac, leek, onion, cucumber, asparagus, red pepper and garlic and, when baked into bread, it creates these veggie loaves of UMPH that taste like your one of your five a day… times thirty ;-)


1/2 cup liquid egg whites
1/2 cup superveg
3/4 cup pea protein
1 cup coconut milk


1. Blended together and baked for 35 minutes at an oven set to 160 C (320 F) as two mini bread loaves.

2. What I did after I got home from the gym was have a couple of slices of the bread with topped with some ‘rugged and rich’ Extra Mature Cheddar (because, mmmm, extra mature cheddar is one hell of a cheese) and it was waaaa! delicious :-D The bread is extremely moist and dense, almost pudding-like in consistency yet floury, does that make sense? It has this vegfulness to it that’s grand alongside sharp cheeses and, as I later confirmed, also alongside pâté!

Macros per Serving (out of 8):

4.4g protein
4.2g carbos (1.1g sugars)
0.5g fat (0.2gsat)
0.7g fiber

Out of the mixture above, you get two mini loaves of veggie bread. You could, however, use a normal-sized bread loaf pan. It’s up to what kind of bakeware have around (you could even bake the mixture inside muffin cases to end up with savory muffins!)

PS – if you have no superveg, you could just omit it and use ground almonds + goji berries in there to make a nutty loaf of super-goodness ;-)