Protein Oreos – A High-Protein, Low-Carb, & Low-Calorie Healthy Oreo Cookie Recipe, WHAT!?

People often ask me, ‘how do you come up with all your recipe ideas!?’ Well, let me tell you: randomly. This one, for example, all began because, in a spirit of omnipotent procrastination, I was watching House this morning. In the show (which, by the way, is now HORRENDOUS! I don’t know why I continue watching it, maybe because it’s the last season ever and ‘what the hell’ but Zeus, has it gone harrowingly downhill!), Dr. House presented Wilson with a tray of Oreos. That scene did it; it reminded me that, once upon a time, I told someone somewhere that I’d have a go at protein Oreos. So, after stopping the show at minute 26:00 (because even my ever-so-resilient spirit of procrastination couldn’t bear the lameness of the episode), I went into my kitchen with a plan ;-)

The first issue I had to tackle was, of course, the cookie. How to make it dark enough? Because, cocoa alone tends to be brown and Oreos have that particular black color. I wanted to ‘solve’ this without resorting to dyes and related shenanigans so… what I did was use cocoa nibs (I did consider charcoal but only briefly and under a spirit of temporary insanity because, come on, charcoal!?) At the end, the cocoa nibs proved to be an absolute revelation as they gave the cookies that extra chocolate flavor element, contributing also to the ensuing crunch-factor the cookies ended up with, BOOM! OK, without further ado, I present to you -The Recipe:

[ultimate-recipe id=”15397″ template=”101″]

How were the cookies? Fwaaaa!Amazing. They tasted 100% – and I am not exaggerating as fellow consumers also agreed with this assessment – like healthy Oreo cookies – creamy in the center, crunchy on the outside, and richly chocolatey with that special Oreo-UMPH which I believe the nibs were responsible for. Sure, they’re rougher in texture than regular cookies, but that’s because I’m not a factory. Ah, I give them a 10 out of 10 because, dipped in milk, I almost cried a river of joy and the macros? Wa wa wa wa! Hello, Oreos, welcome to my life.







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