Red Pepper Protein Bread Mini Loaves

As you can see in the picture here to the left, all you need are four ingredients: 1) liquid egg whites, 2) quinoa flakes (or buckwheat flakes, or millet flakes, or oat flakes), 3) pea protein and 4) a red pepper (+/- salt). If you want to herb the bread up some more, you can throw in the mix some basil, parsley, and/or rosemary and/or thyme as well – for the extra m-mm-mm!-factor. Ahhh, I’m a big fan of in-bread baking, i.e. baking sandwich-toppings inside bread. It allows one to fill up one’s sandwich with a ton of toppings without having to bust out an Inspector Gadget-type mouth to take a bite out ;-) It’s also a lot of fun to play around with protein bread in this way (see for example, my mackerel protein bread sandwich; ‘somewhat’ ridiculous? Yes, but Holy Zeus! It was amazing!)


1 cup liquid egg whites
1/2 cup pea protein
1/2 cup quinoa flakes
1 large red pepper
1 teaspoon sea salt


Blended together and baked for around 30 minutes at 170 C (338 F) in a mini loaf silicone baking mold (I used this one but you could just use a regular bread tin too)

Macros per Serving (out of 9):

11g protein
4g carbos (0.8g sugars)
0.7g fat (0.1g sat)
0.7g fiber

The result was eggy yet breadlike – a “cross” between an egg white omelette, a red pepper, and a loaf of bread. Sounds a bit out there, I know, but it was super nice because the presence of the red pepperness was so strongly felt, complementing the avocado, sharp cheddar, and tuna salad I had going on inside it to perfection. Karaboooom! And the  beauty is that you can fill a bunch of them up and munch munch munch ;-)))))

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