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Dark Chocolate Raspberry Protein Piecake

“I dreamt about this recipe last night, made it following the coordinated of my dream, and it came out of the oven just as I imagined:with a song, as if resting on a cloud.” That’s what I would be writing if I were a recipe ‘fabulist,’ also known as: a a liar, also known as: a let’s-juggle-with-the-truth-since-no-one-will-ever-know type person, which, thankfully, I am not. I like to write down the whole dirty behind-the-scenes, however messy, ill-conceived, and downright ridiculous. See, the truth about this recipe is that I wasn’t planning on adding any berries. I was just going to make a chocolate cake but, when I flipped it over, the center collapsed so… I ate it (:-D) and, after eating what could ostensibly be classified as the cake’s heart, I stood there facing a hollowish cake. What to do? Well, not wanting to let that stand, I opened the freezer, brought out a bunch of frozen raspberries, and I stuffed the cake with them – sprinkling it then with cocoa and coconut flour for the BOOOM. Then I stuck it back in the oven for five minutes and that was that. The result was more of a chocolate raspberry piecake than a chocolate raspberry cake because the center was so filled with raspberries that it reminded me of a pie but if you want to go ahead and call it just a cake, go for it. Either way, not a bad idea, when you think about it: to make a cake, scoop it out, fill it with berries and call it a piecake. Pourquoi-pas, right? ;-)


2 cups liquid egg whites
1 cup buckwheat flakes (could use millet flakes, oat flakes, or ground almonds instead though)
1/2 cup chocolate hemp protein
3 dates
1 banana
1 cup frozen raspberries
1/4 cup cocoa powder
1/2 teaspoon baking powder


Blended together and baked at 160 C (320 F) for ~ 40 minutes

The end product was a bit breadier than cakey but that’s because I didn’t use any flour. It tasted very rich, deep chocolatey, and I actually feel that the raspberries were meant  to be as they helped to balance the whole thing by adding a degree of tart sweetness to the piecake and also a really nice freshness to it. Ah, this was a very wholesome and healthy piecake!

Now, from the good onto the bad news: I can’t give you the macros because, believe it or not, my brand new iMac – which I bought to replace the Macbook Pro that I accidentally killed last week – DIED. That’s right, can you BELIEVE that?! It died. It’s going back to the Apple store tonight and I expect to get a new one back right away. When I do, I’ll add up the macros on my macro-counting software and throw all the info in this post. Apologies, but how absurd, no? I thought Apple was beyond these cases of sudden death! Oh well, I reckon someone must have ‘bad-eyed’ the iMac as I was bringing it home, “hehe”, dot, dot, dot.

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