Borlotti Hemp Protein Cookies with Dark Chocolate & Nuts

This recipe contains beans – Borlotti beans. I don’t know why, but whenever I think of Borlotti beans, I mobilize a quote unquote Italian accent that, to native ears, must sound like the abomination that unfolded in this scene). Borlotti beans (aka Roman or Romano beans), are a type of snap bean that has a sweet and almost nutty taste and a creamy and smooth consistency (in both taste and texture, they’re very similar to Pinto Beans). In the Mediterranean especially, you’ll find them in salads, stews, or soups; alongside pancetta, sausage, and/or a bunch of yummy vegetables, mmmmm. But their amazingness doesn’t end in their savory versatility, it extends to the realms of The Sweet because…

…ahhhh! baking with beans is fantastic! See, beans give sweet foods (e.g. cakes, muffins, protein bars and ever ice cream!) a gorgeous texture and consistency without leaving a single trace of bean-taste behind. They’re particularly great because, by making food heavier, denser, and more compact, they allow you to use less flour while always safeguarding the moistness of your final product. They are the kind of food that give you everything without expecting anything back in terms of recognition (since no one will ever be able to tell that they were involved). In a way, they are kind of like a ghost ingredient of sorts ;-) Here goes this recipe:


1/2 cup Borlotti beans
1 tablespoon apple fiber
1 cup liquid egg whites
1/2 cup chocolate hemp protein powder (with stevia!)
3 tablespoons coconut flour
1 tablespoon chia seeds


1. Blended together and baked on a cookie tray at 160 C (320 F) for ~ 20 minutes

2. When the cookies came out, I let them cool and proceeded to slice them in half horizontally. This left me with 20 cookie halves.

3. I covered each one with a different type of nut and proceeded to melt two squares of melted 85% which I roughly drizzled on top of them. To the freezer they went for 20 minutes and BOOM -> finiiiiiiiiiiiito!

Macros per one cookie, assuming each cookie has an almond and chocolate on top (out of 20):

3.7g protein
2.8g carbo (0.5g sugars)
1.8g fat (0.5g fat)
1.5g fiber

Mmmm, they turned out super yummmmmo :-)))) The cookies are rich and chocolatey and the chia seeds inside give them a really nice crunch which becomes a CRUNCH with the nuts and the dark chocolate on top. Mmmm, they’re a supersnack to have next to one’s cup of coffee, tea, or in my case, both (I like to mix coffee + tea), woop woop!

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