Dark Chocolate Vanilla Malt More of Less Cylindrical Protein Bars


I could lie and say that I tried to make them into bars and they ended up as cylinders but I simply just rolled them and let the whole thing be. Ready for the recipe? Get a big bowl out or just a cereal bowl and mix together the following:


1/4 cup vanilla brown rice protein pow (if anyone’s in the UK, you can get some of this stuff from here where it’s on sale! if you want to substitute the brown rice protein though, I’d say to use some vanilla casein)
1 teaspoon chicory powder (it’s stuff they sell as coffee substitute, e.g. Kafix, Yannoh, Pero, etc; as a coffee substitute I think it is an abomination but as a sort of ‘spice’? it’s malty and delicious!)
1 tablespoon vanilla casein
2 tablespoons ground almonds
1 tablespoon orange flavored fish oils (trust me on it, this adds such an amazing added flavor to the bars)
1/2 tablespoon coconut flour
1 tablespoon oat flour (or ground oats or just ground almonds)


1. Add enough water to this until it forms a paste that is shapeable (add a tablespoon at a time or something – you just don’t want the whole thing to be watery).

2. Shape it into either 2 bars, 2 cylinders or 4 truffle sized balls (they’re awesome to coat in chocolate too). When ready, melt 4 tbsp of dark chocolate (I used 90% Lindt) and dunk the bars/cylinders/balls in there.

3. Stick it in the freezer for ~ 15 minutes. Take them out.

4. Eat them, stick them in a tupperware, wrap them in foil – whatever.

Macros per Serving (out of 2): 

14g protein
7g carbs (1.5g sugars/3g fiber)
12g of healthy fats (3.3g sat)

They’re deliiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiciiiiiiiiiious!!!! (I had half of one of them and packed the other one and a half to take with me on the train tomorrow on my way to the theoretical bloodshed that will be my Viva).

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