Chocolate Protein Cake with a Chocolate & Vanilla Frosting

I made the cake this morning, filled my cup of coffee, did some reading to prepare for next week’s D-day, went to the gym, got back, cut up the cake, made the frosting, frosted the cake, sat down with my fork, and devoured half of it. I decided to add the chocolate drizzle on top because, after it was done and frosted, I thought it looked a bit on the bland side. That’s when the square of 90% chocolate came to the rescue (10g), giving the whole cake a kind of artsy volcanoness and an added dimension of chocolate goodness.

Ahhhh, this cake was so finger-licking delightful! AAAA! OK, OK. Let me describe it (forgive the overzelousness; sometimes I think I shouldn’t write posts as soon as I get back from the gym because it so happens that the adrenaline rush and the superenergy gives rise to lots of overexcited bla bla bla… but then again, this cake would probably throw me over the edge of self-posession whether I write about it now or later so, hehe, apology retracted ;-))… The cake itself, as you can see from the pics (click on them) was supermoist. This is thanks to the ingredients I added to the whey without which it would have been dry and hum-hum textured. That’s the secret of whey baking really: add lots of heavy wet ingredients.

Ingredients for cake: 

1 cup liquid egg whites
1/2 cup canned pumpkin
2 tablespoons cocoa powder
1/2 cup chocolate whey protein
1/2 cup milk
1 tablespoon coconut flour
1 tablespoon ground almonds


These were blended together and baked on a flat cookie tray for 20 minutes at 320 F (160 C):

I baked this on a cookie tray because I intended to then use my cake-cutted to slice out 3 circles out of it (see picture one and two). I bought this cake cutter for £2 pounds the other day at a kitchen shop (i.e. $3 bucks) and it is fantatic because it allows for perfectly round things like this to be made.

The frosting itself was super easy really. It was just whey mixed with casein mixed with water, i.e:

Ingredients for frosting:

1/2 cup  vanilla casein
1/4 cup whey protein powder
water (enough to make the above pasty)


Mix together

For an even better – thicker – frosting, it would have been far superior to use greek yogurt or even mascarpone as a binder (instead of water) but… I ran out of yogurt this morning so water it was for me (do consider using yogurt instead though – it makes it way creamier and subsequently more alluring).

So yeah… I just added the frosting to the two layers of cake, topped the whole thing with more frosting, and melted a square of 90% dark chocolate to “decorate” the whole thing. It ended up looking slightly ridiculous BUT it tasted: DIVINE. Got to love protein frosting, no? It’s ridiculously good and hella easy and quick to make. The whole cake took me like 5 minutes to assemble so yeah -> very very easy the whole thing was and highly nommmmmmable!

Macros per Serving (out of 4):

6.8g carbos (3g sugars/3g fiber)
20.8g protein
5.6g fat (2g sat)

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