Apple & Banana Vanilla Protein Pancakes

On these pancakes, I poured a tablespoon of Cretan honey (which, in the realm of Greek honeys, is particularly delightful) and it added such a wonderful dimension to the pancakes’ apple and banananess. It’s a very thick and dark honey. Whenever I eat it, I feel like I’ve just stuck a spoon inside a bee hive and scraped (kind of like this). With the mild fruitiness of these protein pancakes? ah, the honey was tremendous. :-)))))


2 egg whites
1.5 scoops vanilla whey
1 banana
1/2 an apple
1 tablespoon pea protein


Blend all the ingredients together and fry on a nonstick.

Yup. That’s it :-)

Macros per Serving: N/A


It yielded 14 mini pancakes (I ate four of them right off the pan to determine what to top them with). Now, you may wonder, why the pea protein? Well, pea protein acts as a great substitute for thickening vehicles like, say, oats or quinoa flakes. You COULD use just whey but it won’t work as well because a. your batter will end up very watery (and consequently you will end up pancakes lacking in volume) and b. they will be rubbery slash carbody slash unpleasant. Enters pea protein and boom -> solved. See, pea protein is great for baking – as a substitute for flour – and is mild enough to throw into sweet and savory stuff. It allows for things like these pancakes to have volume and a breadiness otherwise impossible without carbo voluminizers (e.g. oats et al). Bueno, c’est tout. I will be back in the UK (and back to writing recipes with macros!) mañana ;-)

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