Cauliflower Super Protein Mini Pizzas

I bought some cauliflower, steamed it, and headed over to the gym. When I got back, I blended the cauli with egg whites + pea protein + coconut flour and pancake-fried it into three patties. Then, I added the toppings and grilled them for about five mins. That was it.


3 big heads cauliflower (cooked)
4 egg whites
1/4 cup pea protein
1 tablespoon coconut flour

1 tablespoon tomato paste
1/8 cup of mature cheddar (or, of course, mozzarella)


Blended together and panfried into 3 patties (you could always just make one giant one but it’s going to be harder to flip).

Macros per 3 mini pizzas with toppings et al:

52g protein
19g carbo (6.4g sugars/11g fiber)
7.5g fat (4g sat)

The result was a soft pizza base. I was able to eat it by hand but it was still kind of mushy. Looking back on it, I realize it might have benefited from some wheatbran or oats or quinoa flakes or, well, something to dry it up a bit. That being said, I LOVED! it! I felt the flavors really complimented each other and, together, delivered one hell of a BOOOOM to the system. Also, the whole thing was ridiculously high protein, low carb (and hiiiigh fiber) and, compared with the ‘original’ cauli pizza, a lot lower in fat too :-))) Try it ;-))))