Paw Paw Protein Pancakes

I used to loathe papaya growing up – the taste, the smell, the whole shebang. Then, something happened a few years ago and, just like that I stopped hating. Starting loving it like no tomorrow. Nutritionally speaking too, what a fruit! It has tons of vitC (33% more than oranges!) + the great papain enzyme + carotens + fiber + flavonoids + potassium + vit B etc. Since I love eating it sprinkled with just flaxseeds and it always seems to me to be one of those fruits that’s friendly with vanilla –> protein pancakes! This is what it was:


4 tablespoons rolled oats
5 egg whites (i.e. from 5 eggs)
1/2 cup papaya
32g vanilla whey protein


1. Blend all ingredients together.

2. Fry them on Pam.

Macros per Serving (out of 1):

Without syrup:
50g protein
49g carbs (7.5g fiber)
4.7g fat

I found some calorie free ‘maple’ syrup in the supermarket the other day. It appears it’s mostly just sucralose + flavorings. Now, I don’t really love the idea of drowning my pancakes in faux-mapleish-sweetener BUT, well… it’s one of those things I actually quite like doing. Anyways, aaahhh they turned out fantastic! the papayaish butteriness + the vanilla + faux-mapleness + the cinnamon I sprikled on top, oy…. mmmmmmmmm!!!! Happy times :-) PS – I’m in Mexico and this is why I haven’t uploaded too many recipes lately. I’m going back to the UK (+ to my powders + to my gym) in a few days though so I’ll get to uploading more recipes then :-))))))))))))))))))))))))))

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