Wannabe Protein Peshwari Naan with Gojis

I get weak at the knees when in the vicinity of good peshwari naan. It doesn’t happen often that we meet but when we do -> oy!!!!!!! So, that’s what inspired THIS. Obviously, this is not a traditional naan bread.

It’s not really peshwari naan either. It’s more like what happened when protein powder met a peshwari naan, they decided to cross, and their offspring went off and fell in love with goji berries. It’s basically my memory of peshwari naan fused with a bit of protein madness.


136g liquid egg whites
18g pea protein
4g psyllium husks
10g quinoa
20g goji berries
1g wheat bran
12g desiccated coconut
10g chopped walnuts
3g chickpea flour aka besan
korma powder
ground coriander
baking powder


1. Mixed together and fried up on a nonstick pan.

2. The mixture yielded 2 pita shaped breads which I proceeded to cut in half horizontally and top with almond butter. Result? Out this world! -> the crunchiness of the coconut with the sweetness of the gojis and the nut butter and walnut running through out the whole thing?

Macros per 1 pita sliced horizontally into 2:

18g protein
14g carbos (4.5g fiber)
8g fat 

Well, shoot, I almost ate the plate.

If you make this, be READY to flip out (PS: Click on the pics to zoom in.)