Vanilla & Cinnamon Goat Whey Protein Ice Cream – AMAZING!!!!!!!

OH. MY. GOD. This was just crazy, hands down mad. Where to begin!!! Have you ever been to the Borough Market in London? That field of (food) dreams? Well, it is there that I ran into (or rather, sought out) goat milk ice cream. There’s a stall there from a place called Greedy Goat and ou la la, I had to try some. Initial reaction: WOOOWZA!! I mean, yes, it’s most certainly goat-ish (i.e., you couldn’t give some to someone and say it was regular ice cream without getting hit on the face with a deep sense of betrayal). But, after sampling various flavors, I was sooo taken in by it!!!!!! What a flavor sensation!!!!! Every miniature-plastic-spoonful was an absolute delight, seriously -> giant smiles :-)))))) Sure, it’s a totally different type of ice cream but absolutely and utterly mmmmmmm in its creamy goatmilkiness. Therein lays the inspiration for this. Now, the idea of making protein ice cream without an ice cream machine was introduced into my life by Cris Bradley; Cris Bradley, big phat thank you! What an ice cream… hey Zeuz… velvety, smooth, creamy, flavor-packed ahhh *sigh…* OK, woman! Cut to the chase. Recipe: 


36g coconut milk
13g pea protein
53g unflavored goat whey
1 banana
1 teaspoon vanilla essence
1 teaspoon vanilla pods
1 tablespoon cinnamon
1 teaspoon vanilla flavoring powder
38g of low-fat cottage cheese 


1. Blend all ingredients together

2. Place in tupperware or bowl and place in freezer.

3. Take out every hour to stir (and lick the spoon).

Macros per Serving (out of 1):

448 kcals
5g fat
48g carbs (from the naner and the cottage cheese) (3.5g fiber)
57g protein

OOOO this is (or rather, was) soooo insane!!!!!!! AAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Isn’t it fantastic? I mean, this recipe shows you don’t need an ice cream maker at all to end up with absolute ice cream heaven on a plate! Oy! :-))))))))))))))))))