Protein Gojiberry Pancakes Sandwiches with Almond Butter & Chocoloco

Today I made a pilgrimage to my university to finally sign, deliver, and wash my hands clean from my PhD thesis. Three copies, printed, bound, and handed in -> boom. To feed this wonderfully exciting it’s-finally-here-!!!! 2.5hr train ride, I made some protein gojiberry pancake sandwiches (they’re mmmm as just pancakes + maple syrup but since I was in a public place (a moving one at that) I couldn’t just whip out The Plate and the maple without drawing unfriendly stares of ‘is that girl mad’… so sandwiches it was).


1/4 cup greek yogurt
1 cup liquid egg whites
1/4 cup pea protein powder
1/2 cup goji berries
2 tablespoons coconut flour
Almond butter


1. Blend greek yogurt, egg whites, pea powder, goji berries, and coconut flour to make batter.

2. Pan fry batter into pancakes.

3. Use pancakes to make sandwiches with almond butter and some chocolate for fillings.

Macros per serving (out of 8) for pancakes:

1g fat
3.25g carbs (0.95g fiber)
6.3g protein