Protein Crepes with Mango & Mackerel

Stumbled upon this magical combination when min käraste vän Stina and I bought a melange of foods, placed them all on the table, and suddenly the mango made its way next to the smoked mackerel and well, the rest is history. It sounds odd, sure, but trust me. It’s delicious!

I made some protein crepes to accompany the whole thing.


133g liquid egg whites
10g brown rice protein
some garlic
onion salt
2g psyllium husks


1. Fried on hot hot hot coconut oil.

2. This 

yielded two crepes. I ate one solo and here is pictured the other one cut in half and stuffed with 46g of mango and 79g of smoked mackerel. Oy! Delight :-D

Macros per Serving (out of 1, with filling):

38g protein
13g carbos (8.2g sugars/3.2g fiber)
20g fat (from the fish, 5.4sat)