The Marriage of Two Protein Cakes

It all happened so quickly. It was an accident that began because I used the same tupperware to house two different types of cake. Word around here is, “delicious!,” “perfectly balanced,” “it’s like nothing I’ve ever tasted before,” “the combination of almond butter and the chocolatey center…mmmm!”. So what IS it? Well, it’s the raw chocolate protein cake I made two days ago and the vanilla whey protein cake bread I made today. The textures were so well-complemented as the cake bread offset the chocolate BANG of the center in such a crazy way… ahhhh… :-)))))))) It’s as if these two cakes were destined to be together and I was just the messenger; as if they were both designed precisely for the moment where their fates collided in that plastic box. Here’s the basic gist -> for the cake bread:


54g vanilla whey protein powder
34g almond butter
53g quinoa flakes (could also use oats)
14g pea protein
3g vanilla flavoring powder
3g wheat bran
1g yannoh
Baking soda
Baking powder


1. Whisk all the ingredients and bake at 160 celsius for 20 minutes.

2. I cut the cake bread into finger-type slices, cut each horizontally, and layered it with the raw cake and almond butter. I then cut them in half for finger-sized cake bites and –> BOOOM!!!! It may not LOOK as crazy as I’m describing it but: TRUST ME -> it was surreal.

Macros per Serving: N/A